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Travel costs are higher than ever for employees, public transport is more expensive, slower and more unreliable. Not to mention personal safety and security. Both work and home life is getting increasingly demanding and trying to create a work life balance is more and more important.


Information here about how yofis help employees, what the benefits are etc


Information here about how yofis help employers, what the benefits are etc

Work locally.

Yofis are opening sites in towns around the M25, making it easier and far more accessible for your employees to get to an alternative place of work.

Wellbeing and productivity

Wellbeing &

Employee wellbeing is one of the best recruitment and retention tools There is a war for talent - both attracting and keeping the best employees is key for any business and providing a space conducive to work, without the distractions of working at home but at a Yofis near home must be the answer

Office costs


London office space is the most expensive in the world The cost of office space for one employee and the services to support them continue to escalate – there are big savings if they were to work in a more economical environment, a Yofis nearer where they live?

Employee time


The average commute time is currently 2 hours each day and known to be bad for mental and physical health. And that is when the trains are on time and you can get a seat, delays and overcrowding add stress and fatigue before you even get to work. Change that to a short healthy cycle ride to a local Yofis near where you live and you have a whole new start to your day. Now what can you do with all those hours you have just reclaimed?

Travel costs


Commuters spend, on average 1/6th of their salary on travel costs Imagine not spending that taxed income – what difference would that make to you and your family?

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